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Hazelnut Bastille is a topdown, Zelda-like ARPG, crafted in a 16bit character; it features action-adventure style gameplay. Players will engage with heavily tactical, real-time combat, and experience taxing lateral-thinking puzzles!

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Dawnthorn is a topdown, pixel-art ARPG with a character and experience firmly rooted in the 8bit era. It features action-adventure style gameplay. Players will experience hectic, item-driven real-time combat, puzzle solving, and Metroidvania-style progression across a sprawling, dungeon-filled world!

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Running with Scissors Planner is a frantically-paced topdown puzzle game, where you guide a classroom of savage, scissor-wielding five-year-olds back to their desks safely!

Their delicate dance is choreographed one leg at a time, until your entire room somehow manages to get back safely in one piece!

Each child had a given length of time to find their desk!

If you take too long to finish a leg, or you have a deadly mishap, the leg resets, with one second deducted from your timer!

Second place winner of Ludam Dare 40!

Ludum Dare Link

An integrated tile editor for Unity created in 2016 for Aloftstudio for Hazelnut Bastille.

The editor was created for a zelda style 2D game. The editor is divded into 2 modes, an overview of entire dungeon and the individual rooms.

Features include:

  • Automatically loads any tilesheets placed in specific folder.
  • Allows custom collision.
  • Includes animated tiles with custom frame speed and length.
  • Plavement of event objects and displays their custom properties.
  • A simple cutscene and event sequencer.
  • Automatic dungeon map generator based on room placements.